Processing of steel!

We have CNC and conventional machines that allow us to perform lathe work, milling, leveling work, slotting, drilling, and round and flat cutting.

We work a wide variety of metal parts following design documentation or samples. These tend to be general parts such as spindles, flanges, plugs, panels, cases, connectors, etc.
We can work rotating parts up to a length of 3000 mm and a diameter of 560 mm. We also do minor joinery operations such as oxy-acetylene or electrical arc welding using CO welding machines. We contract out work such as heat processing of steel, castings form steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, grey cast iron, etc., all with short deadlines.

The capacity of our metal-working machine pool means we can cover orders ranging from several dozen to thousands of pieces a year.

We offer flexible production to suit the needs of the customer, either through supplies of finished parts including material, making parts from the customer’s material, or merely performing individual operations.
Each query from a client is assessed with the aim of finding the most economical and productive means of manufacturing the part in question.

Our services are always comprehensive and professional, from the design documentation phase, provision of material, production, through to the supply of the finished product to the customer by the agreed deadline and in precision quality.