Processing of technical rubber!

We press our products in the standard manner, in moulds under heat and pressure. We purchase our rubber mixture ready-mixed so that the properties of the product meet the client’s requirements.

We currently supply technical rubber products to more than 130 clients from the Czech Republic and abroad. The range of products comprises various types of silent blocks, including metal offsets, collars, rings, seals, grommets, stoppers, inserts, pads, and other such items. We offer rubberizing of metal and plastic parts. We work material on an NR, SBR, and NBR basis. For new products we draw up the design documentation following samples we are provided with or however the client wishes; we develop and draw up the design documentation for moulds and then produce them. We can assist in the development of new products by designing the construction.
Our rubber-making machine pool includes standard contour presses with clamping force of between 90 and 270t with heating panels 800x800, 400x400 and 380x400 mm in size. We have a 300x600 mm two-cylinder water-cooled calender and a series of smaller machines used to process rubber, such as pneumatic rubber-cutting scissors, cleaning grinders or a high-pressure sand-blasting machine.

The products we make are used in the automotive, engineering, printing, construction, aircraft, and munitions industries.

The capacity of our rubber-making machine pool means we can cover orders ranging from several dozen to thousands of pieces a year.

Our services are always comprehensive and professional, from the design documentation phase, provision of material, production, through to the supply of the finished product to the customer by the agreed deadline and in precision quality.