Dear business partners,

We are a progressively developing company which has been active on the rubber and engineering products market since 1994.

Our company’s production strategy can be summarised in three basic branches:

  • Pressing and vulcanisation of technical rubber using standard contour semi-automatic presses
  • CNC and conventional metal-working (lathe work, milling, leveling work, slotting, cutting)
  • Involute milling of cogged wheels and cutting of teeth.

Our production capacities are set to manufacture small and medium-sized parts custom ordered in series or piece batches. We always offer our customers professional and comprehensive services that are guaranteed to meet our clients’ requirements at the highest possible quality and by the corresponding deadlines. We have earned our clients’ trust through our ability to handle the most complex jobs to meet short deadlines. We make our products with our own technological and construction resources using modern planning and construction mechanisms.

Our philosophy is to provide products and services based on the highest possible quality, competency, and reliability. We try to understand our clients and their needs so that the final product meets their requirements and targets.